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Product Description

• The new Drypers Wee Wee Dry special designed to fit your newborn’s need and keeps baby’s skin clean and healthy.

• Equipped with Soft AbsorbDry layers, the soft top layer effectively locks in urine and distributes evenly.

• Stool Lock system helps to keep baby’s delicate skin clean & healthy by drawing & locking in poo.

• It has a special cut for navel care to reduce the pressure of the diaper rubbing against the stump as the belly button heals.

• Tummy Fit Guide specially designed to help position Flexi -Tape correctly to ensure the best fit while preventing leakage.

• Stretchable waist band to hug baby’s waist comfortably for a better fit.

• 100% Cloth-like cover to provide good air circulation to keep your baby’s skin cool and fresh.

• Leak guards that gently hug baby’s legs to prevent urine leakage.

Drypers New Born 24pcs/pack


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